Everyone over 18 years of age should have a Will, no matter the size of the assets and no matter whether you are single or married.


A valid Will sets out your wishes as to how your property and assets will be divided when you pass away. A lot of people don’t like thinking about it, but having a valid will is something that should be done as part of your financial planning, no matter how old you are.


To save on costs, some people choose to make their own will using “Do It Yourself” will kits. That can be a mistake. Although writing your own may seem simple enough, the law regarding Wills can be complex. We have seen many “Do It Yourself” wills with mistakes, some more serious than others, but can cost thousand on dollars in legal fees to rectify. So it make more sense to have a Solicitor draft your will as it may be cheaper in the long term.


When you make your will, it’s important you have it drafted by someone who understands the law and can advise you on the best way to make sure your assets end up where you want them to and minimize the risk of someone contesting your Will.


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