Breens Solicitors & Conveyancers Legal Fees


If you are worried about legal fees, do not hesitate in contacting us, or engaging us,  because our legal advice and representation is not as costly you may think.  At Breens Solicitors & Conveyancers we understand your concerns. We will make sure that the legal costs are tailored to be affordable in consideration of your situation.

Breens Solicitors & Conveyancers will provide you with a written costs agreement which estimates the cost of your matter. In most matters, we can provide a flat fee. Flat fee estimates include:

  • Conveyancing – Sale or purchase of land
  • Business & Commercial – Sale or purchase of business
  • Wills, Power of Attorneys and Guardianship Documents
  • Estates – Grants of Probate.
  • Court -  Pleas with explanation when pleading guilty.
  • Family Law – Consent Orders for Property Settlement or Parenting Orders.

Litigation matters not included in the list above may vary in cost depending on the action required. Breens Solicitors & Conveyancers  will advise you on the legal options you have and what costs would be involved.

As a client focused firm we are efficient and cost-effective in delivering quality legal services. We are committed to keeping your legal fees to a minimum without compromising the service you receive or the result you obtain.


Please note: We do not have Credit Card of EFTPOS facilities available.

Please contact Breens Solicitors & Conveyancers on (02) 8628 0415 to speak with us today.