Separation and the breakdown of a marriage can be a difficult, emotional and traumatic time for anyone. There is a lot of uncertainty about the process and what has to be done. When it comes to finding a solicitor, you need someone who can give you sensible, straightforward advice that you can understand.


At Breens Solicitors and Conveyancers,  we have over 30 years’ experience in family law. Whether your matter is to be negotiated “out of Court” or whether you have to go to Court, we can assist.


We can advise is the following areas:

  • Divorce
  • Property Settlements
  • Parenting Plans – Children 
  • De facto Relationships
  • Property Transfers and Settlements.

At Breens Solicitors and Conveyancers, we  can assist with an “out of Court” settlement and do all the  necessary negotiations and paper work associated with Consent Orders or Financial Agreements. If there is property involved, we can do the transfer and settlement.


If you have to go to Court, we can prepare all the relevant paperwork and represent you in the Court.


Our aim is to get you the best possible result in your particular circumstances and without breaking your bank. If you have to go to Court in your Family Law matter, you may be asked by other firms  to pay upto $15,000.00 dollars per day for representation. There is no need to pay that much.

At Breens Solicitors and Conveyancers,  you will pay much less.



FIRST OF ALL BETTER CALL PAUL  on 8628 0415 for a quote. First consultation for general advice (15 minutes) is obligation free. Then you make up your mind what you wish to do.